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Our goal is to lead the transformation of small to medium sized companies with the aim of ensuring that these neglected companies become the sound and profitable players in the economic growth of Africa and beyond, through the introduction of Business development models. Inc-Intel has its own tailor-made SEED program that focuses on 4 pillars, namely:
  • Business Management Redefined – This module focuses on Cost Control Models and Value Reporting. By the end of the program, the client’s non-financial managers should be able to aid in financial business strategic meetings and their understanding of financial information should have greatly improved. This helps align departmental expectations and decision making process become easier, timely and thus less costly.
  • Process Management and Audit Evaluation – During this program, our team of expert will do an evaluation of your business processes. Post our evaluation, we go through a process of re-designing and implementation of the new business process. This is a process that involves online classes and on the job meetings with the client’s management and key users of the processes. At the end of this module, there should be noticeable improvement in production and work efficiency.
  • Debt Management and Out of Debt Walk Through Model – If you have been operating on your OD for the past 12 months, then this is a must attend module. This module focuses on working capital management and the implications of non-financial managers to the organization’s working capital. By the end of this module, business leaders and process drivers should be in a position to understand the causes of negative working capital and how to improve. Together with an Expert from Inc-intel, the team leaders will design both short-term and long-term Out of Debt Plans.
  • Strategic Thinking Model – At this level, we are of the view that after taking part in the above 3 modules, there can be greater value to the business to design and customize their own definitions of “Enhanced Accountability” and “Throughput”. This module involves practical business examples. The aim is to eliminate all the bottlenecks and improve focus on the value chain for different departments and thus for different companies.
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