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Strategy is long-term and requires commitment. One key aspect to a succeeding strategy starts with having the right leaders in your team and for any organization that can be the board of directors. We can agree that for small to medium size companies, creating and maintaining a board of directors can be both cumbersome and probably expensive. We value the importance of leadership and idea of a secondary opinion before decisions are made and thus, we at Inc-Intel
  • Can form a part of company’s board of directors
  • Assist companies to design meaningful leadership boards,
  • Chair the meetings for free for the 1st three strategic meetings
  • Ensure alignment of the board of directors and allow effective flow of useful information to the board.
  • Assist with Transaction Advisory
  • Assist with Deal Advisory
  • Perform Internal Audit and other Review Engagements
  • Assess the impart of external factors such as COVID-19 on the going concern of the company and assist in developing financial models to cushion the impact of these factors.
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